Shakti Ceremony

SHAKTI, awakening the power of your inner goddess


Embodied Goddess flow . Intuitive Dance . Yoga Nidra & Sound bath . Journalling

A sacred gathering to honour and celebrate the divine female energy of creation, Shakti. We will connect to our feminine energy and power through an embodied goddess flow and intuitive dancing. Through the practice of yoga Nidra we will go on a deep inner journey reconnecting to and awakening the creative powers we hold in our heart and womb space. We will manifest our deepest desires through a guided journalling exercise and experience the healing powers of the soundbath. Join us in this sacred gathering, to awaken your inner goddess and feel the healing powers of sisterhood.

22 Apr

Horario: 18:00 - 20:00

Imparte: Sonia & Christine

Costo: $300 mxn