Somatic sound journey

Somatic Sound Journey
Yin Yoga with Live Sound Experience

Yin Yoga . Sound Bath . Intentions Setting Ritual . Journaling & Sharing Circle .

A sacred gathering to Tune In to New Potentials.
What experience is out there in the quantum field waiting to find you ?

We will begin by completing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s journaling exercise to Tune In to New Potentials. With our intentions in mind, we will journey into theta state through a deep yin practice, accompanied by a live sound experience mixing solfeggio frequencies and singing bowls. Through combining our intention with elevated emotions in the theta state, we align our vibration with the frequency of our future and therefore open a door to create and change our realities. Join us in ceremony to connect with the quantum field, align with your future self, and find nourishment in community.

Facilitated by @sonia_seger & @jubilee432hz

09 May

Horario: 18:00 - 20:00

Imparte: Sonia & Jubilee

Costo: $ mxn